Our Big Love Co. Journey

There's no better gift than the gift of giving

There’s something about gifting that tickles something inside of us and brings so much excitement and joy. We are not the type of girls to spend lots of money on ourselves, but will happily break the bank to buy something special for our loved ones. Knowing that someone has taken the time to carefully select something personal to brighten someone’s day and make them feel appreciated and loved is pretty damn special. There is no better gift, than the gift of giving. This is where our journey begins.

The Journey

It all began after Nikki gave birth to our darling little Cacia. I was struggling to find the ideal gift for my newborn niece and fussy little sister. The endless search online lead me to a whole lot of clicks and an empty cart. That affordable pre-curated and beautifully packaged gift that was ready to purchase in a few clicks was impossible to find. Sure, there were loads of places that sell gift packs and boxes but not one of them had what I was looking for. Something that was personal, distinctive, perfectly paired and something that made my sis feel excited to receive. It’s the least she deserved after pushing out 7.5 pounds of perfection.

It was at that point I knew there was something missing for mums-to-be and baby gift givers. The over thinker that I am started to envisage and create something in my head that could be special. That is me, the constant analyser and over thinker.

What’s the saying…great minds think alike? Or maybe it was just sisterly intuition. But while I was creating an imaginary business in my scrambled head, Nikki was creating the same idea on her Pinterest board after struggling through the same experience of finding that special gift for her friends new to motherhood. How good would it be to create the perfect bundle to make gift giving easy and enjoyable?

After one casual conversation, sharing the same experience and vision, our collective idea was born. With a thinker and a doer on board, our vision became our new adventure.

Phase 1 - The fun part

Nikki was on Mat leave with a newborn  suffering sleepless nights from milk allergies, as well as a hyperactive 3 year old toddler who decided to give up the God sent day nap. Elle a was a full-time working mum, waddling her way through pregnancy with baby number 2. To say we had our work cut out for us is an understatement. With those few hours to spare after tucking the kids in bed at night, or during those seemingly endless night-time breastfeeds, we researched products, contacted suppliers, sourced samples and designed our very own logo and branding collateral from scratch (thanks to our creative Elle - A qualified graphic designer and woman of many talents).

Things didn’t always go according to plan, but this in essence worked in our favour and helped us re-evaluate our direction. We worked with a variety of suppliers on a range of products and the ones you see made the final cut. From the quality to the colour and everything in between we had to be 100% happy with what we included in the range. We're fussy little beings with high standards and we promised ourselves we wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't buy ourselves. There were many hurdles along the way some that slowed us down, but we persisted, we pushed through, our vision and mission never strayed. We worked until we were happy, we pushed forward until we agreed – we trusted each other. Not to say we didn’t have our arguments and want to scratch each others eyes out, the true definition of sisterly love!

The time it took little miss Cacia to develop 2 front teeth, learn the mastery of sleeping through the night, and the graceful act of the commando crawl, it took us to finalise our products and complete our branding and swaddle designs. Elle is due in 4 weeks so you can say it's taken a good 9 months at least to get this different kind of baby up and running.

Phase 2 – The products, the website, the photography = reality.

Orders sent, orders received – We’re all stocked up – Yay! this was honestly the point where our little dream started to become real. We didn’t actually believe we would get this far (well Elle didn’t – she’s normally a bit of a procrastinator, a non-believer who talks herself out of everything – not with a little kick up the butt from her little sis).

Thank you next…. onto the website. Firstly, we have to say how very lucky we are to have access to one very talented human working under our wing! Raymond (husband to Elle – Full time worker and Super Dad) spent A LOT of his weekends working on this website (which we absolutely love btw) AND, all the photo’s you see, well he took those too. Let’s just say there were a few loooooong photo sessions involved (mostly because someone is a perfectionist- not naming names), but hey don’t they look soooo good! The months he spent on this project has all been worth it and certainly has not gone unnoticed. We may or may not have bribed him with a sexy new coffee machine and some new camera equipment for his efforts (no promises!).

Phase 3 – The launch

Well we made it. We actually made it! We are so proud of each other, what we created and what we have achieved thus far. All whilst juggling work, home duties, motherhood, pregnancy, sickness and the hurdles life just likes to throw in your face. And well, we really couldn’t have done it without one another. Without Raymond, without family support (thanks Callum for minding three kids through those long shoots, and mum and dad for letting us abuse your baby-sitting duties when we just needed to get shit done). If you’re reading this, thank you for finding us. We really hope you follow this journey with us and get excited for what Big Love Co. will bring and where it may take us. Big places we hope.

The future

Glowing Mumma’s to be, and baby loving gift givers, we really hope you enjoy what we have created. Our main goal was to provide that special baby gift that would tickle your insides. That gift that is not only perfectly presented but filled with so many beautiful goodies that can make anyone feel special. We hope that we have achieved that, and been able to create what we just couldn’t seem to access ourselves – that unique baby bundle that’s perfectly packaged and ready to send with just a few clicks of a button.

Big love,
Elle and Nikki

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